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Loxton Consultancy Ltd is awarded the SME News –

Best Business Telecoms Specialist 2020

Loxton Consultany Ltd specialises in supplying and installing the Tooway satellite broadband system into solar farms, battery storage facilities and any other location suffering from non-existent or slow broadband speeds. In addition, we can supply 4G SIM card broadband solutions either as a backup to the satellite or as the primary internet connect. Both solutions come with a static IP to enable remote access to the site.
To date, we have successfully installed >450 systems across the UK.


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Over the past 4 years you will have seen a proliferation of solar farms appearing all over the countryside.  By solar farm, I mean a field covered in solar panels, which look like mirrors, facing the sun.  These solar farms are producing electrical energy which is being fed back into th....

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I knew my army groundsheet would come in useful someday! Attending site to reconfigure a NetModule router connected to a Tooway satellite broadband system. On this occasion rai....

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This Thursday I completed my last Tooway satellite broadband installation before Xmas, known as Cwrt Hennlys, in Wales.  It rained all day!  

We are proud to announce we received our 300th order for a Tooway satellite broadband system today, our 20th from Metka-EGN Ltd, http://www.metka-egn.com , a leading EPC contractor for solar farms.