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VOIP & Hosted IP Telephony Providers


Telecoms Expense Management

experience management

In the current economic climate, efficiency savings are a number one concern for many organisations. Loxton Consultancy Ltd. offers a free consultation service that includes a full review of your existing telephony and data set up.

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In addition, for customers wanting to monitor in detail their own telephone calls expenditure we can provide Call Management software.

Core Telephony

Your organisation needs cost effective and reliable communications to be truly efficient and behind those communications you need a trustworthy and comprehensive supplier. Loxton Consultancy Ltd. is able to provide core telephony services to small, medium and large organisations via reliable and secure suppliers.

Telephone Line rental

Switch to a better service with lower prices

  • Save money against BT line rental and call rates.
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers.
  • Enjoy a great customer service experience, from rapid installation to status reports.
  • Arrange everything the easy way - via a single point of contact.
  • Simple billing - bespoke online billing with one monthly bill for all calls and line rental.
  • Temporary lines available for events or unforeseen circumstances.

Outbound calls

It's easy to save on call costs – regardless of your current provider

  • No need to pay high call charges set by your current provider.
  • Switch to an alternative provider easily and your calls are routed automatically.
  • Save money - choose a call plan that better suits your business.
  • Excellent customer service – our suppliers manage the whole transfer.
  • Easier management - combine call charges with other services on a single bill.
  • Sophisticated fraud management tools ensure you are not a victim of expensive fraud.
  • Carbon neutral calls help your environmental policy.

Inbound Services

Get your own low cost contact centre to enhance efficiency and customer service

  • Feature-rich, scalable, cost-effective telephony without the capital outlay.
  • Excel in customer service, such as managing callers during busy hours or when the office is closed.
  • Cater for business continuity in the event of unforeseen events by instantly redirecting calls to another site on an individual telephone & DDI number basis.
  • Record calls for compliance or training and report on productivity.
  • Provide contact centre services and professionally handle calls for multiple clients.
  • Use with any number, anywhere from any device.

Business Broadband

Services with enough bandwidth to maximise your productivity

Is your business being held back by slow internet speeds?

  • Choice of fast download and upload speeds to suit your business
  • Wide choice of business class ADSL, Fibre and Ethernet connections based on Next Generation network connectivity
  • Fully flexible charging methods aligned with our core network design to ensure you get the right service for your business
  • A complete data package, including IP addressing and routers, or a wires only service
  • Proactive monitoring and correction of your connection
  • Business Care available to ensure you are always connected

IP Telephony

A full range of VOIP for business solutions are available, all designed to take advantage of this advanced technology and reduce your communications costs. From hosted IP telephony through to advanced SIP trunking service (IP Direct Connect) we can take your business communications to the next level.


We believe in choice and low cost when it comes to mobile phone contracts. Our Business mobile contracts use all of the main UK networks with a broad variety of handsets, including the latest and most sought after models.

  • Fixed-to-mobile convergence and true pay-per-use solutions
  • Competitive bundles and hardware pots
  • A one bill solution for your landlines and mobile services, coupled with big savings
  • All major manufacturer equipment available
  • Supported through a single point of contact

Install the Knowroaming sticker to reduce the cost of making International calls from UK mobiles by up to 85%.

After you apply the KnowRoaming sticker to your SIM card and insert it into your unlocked phone, you have access to reduced talk, text and data rates in over 200 countries. Our smart sticker detects when you are traveling outside your home network (i.e. roaming) and switches you onto the KnowRoaming platform which connects you to a local network. KnowRoaming offers a call forwarding feature - enabling you to receive all your calls to your home cell phone number while abroad. Purchasing local numbers from your destination countries so friends, family, and acquaintances that are in your country of travel can dial a local call to reach you.

The Knowroaming sticker enables users to reduce the cost of making International calls from their mobile, whilst in the UK, by up to 85%.

Telephone Systems

Loxton Consultancy Ltd. is also able to provide new and 2nd user office telephone systems & dealer trading systems together with maintenance and support.

Voice Recording solutions

Through various partnerships Loxton Consultancy Ltd. is able to provide a range of voice recording solutions to satisfy FSA regulatory requirements as well as call centre quality requirements for fixed line, SIP trunk, extension side and mobile phones.