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Loxton Consultancy Ltd is a satellite internet provider specialising in Eutelsat’s Tooway Business Services satellite broadband packages, which represent the highest grade of high-speed satellite internet available across Europe today. With a range of packages offering up to 50Mbps download speed and Europe's fastest up to 10Mbps upload speed; these are our most robust solutions for business. All Tooway Business packages now come with prioritised traffic management between 0700 and 1900 hours on working days and the satellite operator NOC [Network Operations Centre] is available on a 24 x 7 basis.

Satellite Broadband internet is an ideal solution for solar farms, solar parks, remote locations, construction companies setting up new sites, rural communities and people suffering with over-promised ADSL connections, who want high speed satellite internet.



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  • Fast & Reliable – a choice of either up to 50Mbps download & 10Mbps upload or 50Mbps download & 6Mbps upload or 30Mbps download & 6Mbps upload speeds
  • Prioritised traffic management 0700 – 1900 hours
  • Up to 4 Fixed IP address
  • No telephone line required
  • Option of additional VOIP phone line & number via INET
  • Total UK & European coverage
  • Quick installation by qualified engineers



  • Business Users, Fixed IP address
  • Data usage of 25GB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB or 500GB
  • Prices from £73 per month +VAT for Data usage
  • Option of 1 or 2 years' contract or Hire contracts


See below for information on:-

Business Satellite Broadband

Cloud back-up, disaster recovery & redundancy

Events, exhibitions and temporary site installations

Business Satellite Broadband

If you need a satellite internet connection for business use, we, as a specialist satellite broadband provider, recommend the Eutelsat Tooway satellite broadband package with higher SLA’s.

High speed satellite internet can be configured for VPN and enhanced VoIP/Video conferencing. For the more technically minded, our satellite solutions use the latest DVB-S standards and Embedded TCP & HTML acceleration technology delivering the best possible web browsing experience over satellite broadband. We can support a multitude of applications including VoIP, FTP and Remote Desktop.

The standard Tooway Business packages include a ViaSat Surfbeam SB2+ modem. We recommend for solar farms, solar parks, remote locations and industrial applications the ViaSat Surfbeam 2 PRO modem.



Features and Benefits
  • Easily portable high-speed connectivity
  • Ruggedized for operation in harsh environments
  • Utilises affordable, high-capacity Ka-Band satellite bandwidth
  • Supports high-speed live video uplinks
  • Quick set-up using built-in antenna pointing aid for rapid satellite acquisition
  • Web GUI local management and SNMP-based remote management and control
  • High-speed two-way performance-up to 50 Mbits/s downstream and 20 Mbits/s upstream
  • Can be configured to operate as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 network device for total enterprise networking flexibility
  • Sophisticated quality of service (QoS), including CBR, CIR and traffic prioritization
  • Built-in TCP and web acceleration
  • Remote monitoring and control tools support Virtual Network Operator (VNO) requirements
  • Adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) on the forward link optimizes network capacity and availability
  • High quality 1 RU metal chassis designed for the desktop with an optional rack mount kit
  • Multiple Outdoor Unit (ODU) configuration options to meet strict performance and availability requirements


Features and Benefits
  • Satellite news gathering
  • Emergency response and disaster relief
  • Tactical military operations
  • Network access for real-time data acquisition in remote areas
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Private network access with full Ethernet capabilities High quality Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  • High-speed video conferencing
  • Multicast media and content delivery
  • Remote office connectivity-extending the corporate network
  • Remote communications for industry, government and disaster recovery
  • Business continuity

ViaSat Surfbeam SB2+ Residential Broadband Modem

The ViaSat SurfBeam 2 Pro modem delivers affordable high-speed Internet access via satellite for workers at temporary sites. The rugged, lightweight modem is based on ViaSat SurfBeam® 2 technology and builds on the success that made ViaSat SurfBeam the product of choice for Ka-Band direct-to- home Internet service. With more than a million modems shipped, the SurfBeam network has a record of proven reliability, scalability and performance.

The modem is to support operation in harsh conditions and supports multiple configuration options to suit user needs.

The unit enables fast web browsing and supports video streaming, file transfers, VPN connections, and bandwidth-intensive Internet applications. It is capable of delivering downstream rates up to 50 Mbps and upstream rates up to 20 Mbps, and provisioning tools enable the network operator to create different classes of service with configurable downstream and upstream rates. The modem has an embedded acceleration client that works with acceleration servers in the gateway to provide a faster, more responsive user experience. With a standard Ethernet connection, together with an optional switch, the terminal will support multiple devices, such as PCs, cameras, and routers as well as other user equipment.

From home broadband improvement for remote or key home-workers with VPNs through to bespoke bandwidth packages for the medium size business with multiple users, we can help.

For further information, call now on 07891 216529.

Consumer Satellite Broadband

The same Tooway system as described above is ideal for home use with the added benefit, if preferred, of spreading the hardware & installation cost over 2 years.

Cloud back-up systems, disaster recovery and redundancy

Operating with up to 10Mbps return path and with some packages offering unmetered overnight data allowances; satellite broadband internet can be the ideal solution for all cloud-based back-up services. Next generation satellite broadband, particularly the Eutelsat Business Services, can often provide a better upload speed than your main broadband connection. 

Satellite broadband can provide an effective, cost efficient back-up for your main broadband connection – a simple, available anywhere solution for your business recovery. In today's computer-centric world the economic and customer’s impacts resulting from the loss of your broadband connectivity can be substantial. We now offer a choice of satellite broadband solutions dedicated to giving you the right back-up solution.

For Disaster Recovery, to allow your business to recover from a disaster, we can, as a specialist satellite internet provider, provide a fully configured satellite solution within hours if required so that your organisation can have phone, data or internet service operational no matter what the situation – even if the local infrastructure has been destroyed.

Events, exhibitions & temporary installations

Whether you're holding an event in the middle of the city or the middle of nowhere, we can supply satellite broadband for hire to give you the connectivity that you need. We can advise and deliver wireless and wired solutions to suit any number of connections.

You can rent the system from a single day upwards and our experienced field engineers will make sure that our solution helps to make the most of your event.

We’ve provided solutions to country shows, major festival, sporting events, product road shows, industry forums, concerts and stadiums to name just a few.

Increasingly, we are being asked to provide satellite broadband internet to deliver voice and data for temporary businesses locations – for example solar farms, solar parks, construction or building sites with temporary offices, temporary office sites during building refurbishments etc.

* For online/multi-player gaming and other specialist applications, please see more detailed guidance provided in our FAQ section.